Wallis & Outdoor® 414PE

Wallis&Outdoor Pergolas & AAS Patio roofs

Aimed at the building improvements sector for private home collective and commercial premises, Wallis & Outdoor® Pergolas & AAS* roofs protect occupants from the harsh summer sun while capturing the sun’s light and heat in winter. Adjustable angle slats giving relie from the harsh sun in summer and optimum solar gain in winter Highly resistant and perfectly waterproof, WALLIS&OUTDOOR® offers optimal thermal comfort and use.

Its range of up to 7 meters allows for large dimensions and numerous configurations thanks to its corner modules and off-set posts. It has many options: climate management, Led lighting, Blinds, Heating, Mist Cooler, …

Customizable, the WALLIS&OUTDOOR® pergola is a unique product.


  • Configuration :
    • Self standing
    • Wall fixing
    • Suspended (without posts)
    • Between corner walls (trapezoidal)
    • Possibility of coupling the aluminum pergola(s) in width and length
  • Options :
    • Climate management
    • Heating
    • LED lighting
    • Closures
    • Mist Cooler
    • Customizable, the Wallis&Outdoor® aluminum pergola is a unique and exceptional product!
  • Dimensions : Big sizes :
    • Up to 6495 x 4500 mm self-standing with concealed fastening
    • Up to 5000 x 5000 mm with tubular slats
    • Max height 3000 mm
    • Trapezoid shapes
  • Blades :
    • Extruded aluminium rotating blades, 100% recyclable 6060 alloy
    • 125° slat adjustment for modulating the sun’s rays and the ventilation fow
  • Posts :
    • 135 x 135mm one-piece
    • 135 x 135 mm Aluminium posts invisible fixtures
    • 105 x 105 mm aluminium posts (AAS and patio roofs of lean-to)
    • Offset posts
  • Weather Proofing :
    • Totally weatherproof in closed position
    • Water run-off via edge gutter with rainwater downpipe in any chosen corner
    • Maximum snow load : 90 kg/m2
    • Floor plate or embedded fastening
  • Motorization :
    • Controlled by remote control, IO, and Smartphone
    • 220 volt motorised drive fastened by a lacquered kit, matching the pergola colour
    • IP54 motor, protected by a lacquered aluminium cover, matching the pergola colour
    • Motorised drive positioned opposite the retracted apron
  • Sober and elegant design: ArchiDesignclub Trophy 2013
  • Multiple configurations
  • Various options
  • Thermal comfort: pergola with adjustable slats avoiding overheating in summer and optimizing solar gain in winter
  • Watertightness
  • Gusty wind resistance 238km/h
  • Integrated motorization
  • Water run-off via edge gutter with rainwater downpipe in any chosen corner
  • Excellent finish: invisible screws
  • Available in ready-to-install
  • Available in all the exclusive Profils Systèmes® colours :
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