Chacal Next Software

The software for manufacturers !

All the software on the market up to the present has struggled hard to be user–friendly. With CHACAL we are in addition offering you a natural application program. This means that, whenever possible, it speaks your everyday language : the language of the fenestration manufacturer.

For example, to enter your sections, no complicated formulas or tedious manuals to study! By clicking with the mouse on the drawing, show it the few main points and CHACAL will do the rest!

CHACAL will allow you the craziest shapes, to meet the requirements of the most difficult architects. Will give you the ability to manage BIM files to Revit (Autodesk) and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CHACAL NEXT really do ?

It deals in a detailed way with doors and windows, whether rectangular or not. And this regardless of the material used. In an integrated way, it can calculate the flow, the price and produce the detailed plans. Depending on your ambitions and the size of your company, it can also calculate the position of each operation and the time it requires. The piloting of machine tools has no secret for him. DSI has unparalleled and undisputed world-class experience in this field. Finally, it is totally open to the outside world. Cette ouverture associée à la capacité de notre équipe de développement rend possible une intégration harmonieuse à votre informatique existante.

Is CHACAL complicated ?

As you may have guessed from the above, using it in your daily work is really quite simple. As long as you are used to Windows and have mastered the vocabulary of carpentry (that’s all you need!) you will have no trouble managing your quotes, orders, fabrications and drawings in CHACAL. As far as pre-training (teaching him your products) is concerned, it will depend on your attention to detail.

One or two days are enough to insert the main profiles of a range (in most cases they will already be there); a few weeks will be necessary if you wish, and this is perfectly possible, to obtain the 1/10th position of the smallest hole.

Is CHACAL mainly designed for aluminium, or PVC, or wood ?

The bases of the software are not specific to any material. On the other hand, the “standard” documents (progress cards, labels with the possibility of bar codes, requirements in linear metres etc.) are more adapted to “made to measure” production, which is rarely encountered in wood. In the latter case, it is often necessary to draw up specific documents which, given the adaptability of the software, may be done by the customer, where necessary.


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