Traditional aluminum window

A reference in the construction of all types of works: fixed, doors and windows 1 or 2 casements, tilt-turn window…..

42 mm tubular or simple fixed frame with or without joint cover, the serie adapts perfectly to the different series of the Nafida Aluminum range for the realization of compound frames.



  • Fixed frame : Simple or tubular with 20 mm and 25 mm joint cover
  • Fixed frame : 42 mm width
  • Opening section : Straight tubes of 40 mm thickness with different sections according to the use
  • Opening section : 40 mm width
  • Glazing : 4 to 16 mm
  • Watertightness : By compression of two rotary joints during closing
  • Assembling : Opening section and fixed frames cut at 45° by means of screw-on brackets in treated steel
  • Locking : Bellows or French door
Flyer Mogador®