Wallis & Outdoor® 414PF

Wallis&Outdoor® fixed-slat pergola sun shelter

New Wallis&Outdoor® fixed-slat aluminium pergola. Robust and ultra-modern, this pergola is a new, economical alternative when redesigning your outdoor space – it fits perfectly into any style of architecture: modern, contemporary or classic. Carports, terraces, balconies, patios, swimming pools, pool houses, canopies or covered playgrounds, this new pergola system is designed for individual, collective or professional use.


  • Configurations :
    • Self standing (4 ou 9 posts)
    • Wall fixing
    • Between walls (no posts)
  • Options :
    • Heating
    • LED lighting
    • Closures
    • Mist Cooler
  • Dimensions : Large sizes :
    • Up to 4200×4300 mm per module without reinforcement
    • Up to 4200×6000 mm per module with reinforcement
    • Max height 3000 mm
  • Slats : Various models of slats are offered to enable you to customise and modify the design and elegance of your sun shelter.
    • Fixed extruded aluminium slats, 6060 alloy, 100% recyclable
    • Space between slats of 90 to 180mm (variable to choice)
    • Concealed fastenings
    • Slat adjustment to suit your requirements according to the type of slats
    • A slat adjustment of up to 90° to modulate sun protection and ventilation
  • Posts :
    • 105×105 mm self-supporting aluminium posts
    • Set into the floor or on stainless steel plates
  • Resistance : Max. snow load: 90 kg/sq.m.
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Multiple configurations
  • Thermal comfort: several possible inclinations depending on the type of slats
  • Made to measure
  • Highly durable product
  • Excellent finish: invisible screws
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in ready-to-install
  • Available in all the exclusive Profils Systèmes colours : Terra Cigala®, Maohé®, Eclats Métalliques®, Profils Color®, Terre de Matières®
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